Main InfoEdit

ImmaBash is a fighting game Created by ImmaSonicTehHedgehog using the MUGEN engine. It pits Immas against eachother in a huge battle, Modes include Normal ImmaBash, 2v2 ImmaBash, and Team ImmaBash, which allows the player to place 2-4 people in a turns team. ImmaBash will be hosted as a streaming tournament online before its release which is stated to around 15th-23rd December 2011.

You can post the feedback here as I upload updates on this page.


When a mysterious person hosts a tournament, Immas Begin to flood in.

Who will defeat the force?


thumb|300px|left|ImmaSonicTehHedgehog and ImmaGTBaby Gameplay. This was the first Gameplay to be Revealed.


1. ImmaSonicTehhedgehog

2. ImmaGTBaby

3. ImmaKrillinEdit
4. ImmaTarble1Edit
5. ImmaYusukeEdit
6. ImmaCuiEdit
7. ImmaTobiEdit
8. ImmaKakarot / ImmaGoku2Edit
9. ImmaEdwardAlricEdit
10. ImmaTidus1Edit
11. ImmaSpongebob1Edit
12. ImmaScorpionMKEdit
13. ImmaAndroid18Edit
14. ImmaLuffyEdit
15. ImmaAndroid13Edit
16. ImmaDekerEdit
17. ImmaTailsTheFoxEdit
18. ImmaTeenGohanEdit
19. ImmaShadowthehedgehogEdit
20. ImmaCartman1Edit
21. ImmaTrollFaceEdit
22. ImmaBakuraEdit
23. ImmaPowerPoleEdit
24. ImmaDragonbalzgtEdit
25. ImmaUryuEdit
26. ImmaFlutterShyEdit
27. ImmaKirbehEdit
28. ImmaGogetaSSJEdit
29. ImmaWeskerEdit
30. ImmaItachiEdit
31. ImmaMajinEdit
32. ImmaGuyShishiohEdit
33. ImmaGodzilla1Edit
34. ImmaFranky1Edit
35. ImmaKenpachiEdit

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