ImmaBibidi was inspired not by the larger Immas like most were, nor was he inspired by the tenacity of the smaller ones. He was inspired by the medium-sized account of ImmaGinyu, of which ImmaBibidi remains a fan to this day.

A Taste With Little MeansEdit

Inspired by ImmaGinyu, ImmaBibidi decided to make his channel focus on quality over quantity, which is rather difficult as ImmaBibidi uses Windows Movie Maker to make his videos. It meshes poorly with his desire for quality, as WMM is easily the least malleable and least optioned video editing program, which is why it's free. Sadly, Immabibidi can not afford to buy programs like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. He is a 19 year old unemployed High School graduate with no prospects other than joining his father's one-man business. This is taking up increasingly large portions of his free time and energy, resulting in less and less time to make Youtube videos with, especially with this Youtube account in the shadow of his main hobby, Warhammer 40,000.

An Appropriate CharacterEdit

ImmaBibidi chose the miniscule character of Bibidi, who only appeared for a few scenes in a single flashback episode. This was no mishap, as ImmaBibidi from the beginning was aware of the disconnect between his desire to make videos and his ability. As such, he embarked to sate his urge to contribute to the Imma community while in doing so keeping the burden of such an account to a minimum, by focusing on a character as small as Bibidi.

A Character as Small as BibidiEdit

The character Bibidi is not only puny in stature but in showtime as well. Upon counting how much speaking time Bibidi was given in his entire (short) debut. Upon forgetting to include a line, he estimated his total at 53 seconds of character dialogue that he had to work with. As such, he had to be sparing and thoughtful in his use. At the time this article was written, he had already used up most of the dialogue in previous videos, the longest of which to date has been Bibidi plays Portal, which, even though it was recorded by FRAPS, still did not process into video quality above 480p. The vast majority of his videos are, by sheer resource scarcity, extremely short. However, this does not make him a black sheep among the community, as typically no more than a few lines of dialogue tend to be uploaded in any given Imma video in the first place. ImmaBibidi plans, upon when running out of workable dialogue, to abandon his channel, only to return once in a blue moon to upload something unrelated and of no real value to anyone.

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