Eric Sparrow as he appears in Tony Hawk's Underground.

ImmaEricSparrow is an Imma that came in August 2012 to talk and communicate with other immas as well as upload some videos. ImmaEricSparrow is a male at age 13.

How he came to make the accountEdit

He was just a normal Youtuber with a normal account (will be shown in a below section) uploading gameplay videos that were fairly entertaining. The original account is still active. He chats on xat with immabenson, lmmaDBZGames, and maybe another imma if he doesn't know they are one. They gave him the inspiration to make an Imma account that would be somewhat active and he wanted to be a good part of the imma community as well as a friendly troll. He's a pretty good guy, he just may joke around a bit too much.

Chatting daysEdit

ImmaEricSparrow chats on the chatroom known as "Willow_Hells". His friends include immabenson, lmmaDBZGames, and others that may not have imma accounts.

Who is Eric Sparrow (as a character)?Edit

Eric Sparrow is a recurring character in the Tony Hawk Franchise. He is usually the player's rival, and is often times a complete menace to the them.

Eric Sparrow first appeared in Tony Hawk's Underground, and started out as a friendly rival for the player character. He quickly becomes nothing more than a nuisance to them, landing the player in hot water with Jersey thugs, Floridian local authorities, and finally, the Russian army in Moscow. The first major thing he does wrong to the player is steal his big trick and passes it off as his own, namely a McTwist across the roof and over a helicoptor to another roof in Hawaii.

Eric showed up next in Tony Hawk's Underground 2, where his presence was played for comedic effect, as he is shown to be incredibly lame in comparison to the other skaters. Sparrow did not make any kind of appearance for the subsequent two games, and made his re-introduction into the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, arguably the last good Tony Hawk game prior to the plastic skateboard peripheral era.


Eric Sparrow in THUG2

Main account and contactEdit

You can find his main account at this link:

He chats at this link

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