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General Blue as he appears in Dragon Ball.

ImmaGeneralBlue was created August 10th, 2011. It's dedicated to uploading videos under the guise of General Blue. General Blue is leader of the Red Ribbon Army's Blue Corps. He seems to have a split-personality. Sometimes he's cold and forgiving, others he's totally... feminine.

Some of ImmaGeneralBlue's more famous videos include a montage of his screams in the Portugeuse dub of Dragon Ball, his appearances in GT, movie General Blue punching Yamcha in the face, and Bulma totally obsessing over his big muscles.

ImmaGeneralBlue has been approved for monetization and

General Blue in full uniform.

YouTube Partnership, which is hilarious because he doesn't own any of the content he posts on YouTube.

ImmaGeneralBlue has tried to participate in Collaberations, but his tags for his Entries were too obscure. His former watermark/logo was just a general blue border with yellow text. He hopes to use his new and improved logo, which is more dignifying.

In his spare time, ImmaGeneralBlue (the person behind the keyboard) likes to watch anime, play retro video games, read rage comix and memes, and


- General Blue is a flaming homosexual. He won't admit it, but it's quite apparent.

- General Blue is also a pedophile. He has special dialogue with all the "Kid" fighters in the DBZ Budokai games.

- General Blue is where Cell gets his perfect, good looks.

- General Blue is narcissistic. He compliments his own abs.

- General Blue was modelled after the Nazi Schutzstaffel Officers, even down to the bleach blonde hair and blue eyes.

- General Blue is good friends with Nappa. Yes, they met in Hell between DBZ and DBGT.

- One of Blue's favorite hobbies is Karaoke. So take him to open mic night, it's quite the show.

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