ImmaGinyu is an imma which uploads ginyu clips.ImmaGinyu was created n the 13th of july 2011, his account was made after other ginyu force member's such as ImmaJeice, ImmaRecomme etc. But unlike the other ImmaGinyuforce members he uploads different dubs such as the ocean dub, greek dub and many other dubs.

All of the famous Imma's (Immavegeta ,Immakai,IMMAPICCOLO, Immagtbaby,Immawolffangfist,) are currently subscribed to ImmaGinyu. ImmaGinyu is known for getting the most subs in a very short space of time( has about 900 subs in about a month).He is also known for putting videos on endless loop eg. Never ending fight.

So what next for ImmaGinyu? 1000 Subs? Well only time will tell...

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