ImmaHomerSimpson is a Youtube user who was created on January 29th, 2012 as a new member of the Imma Community, who would be based off the loveable oaf Homer Simpson from the animated Fox comedy "The Simpsons".

But it wasn't looking good as it had taken him 5 months to upload his first video, which was intitled "Homer in a nutshell". But by that time, he had already gained 69 subscribers. He earned his popularity by commenting on almost every Imma video he could find.

He had achieved 100 subscribers in about a week after his first upload. These subscribers had included some well known Immas, such as ElongatedVowels, ImmaBlossom, and SuperVegitoSSJ2.

He currently has a total of about 200 subscribers, and 99 videos. His 100th video is currently in the making, and plans to upload it within the next two weeks.