ImmaKenpachi was created on September 23, 2011 by Youtube User Joseawesomeful( I know it's a dumb name, Youtube reccomended it) He is the most subscribed Bleach Imma and was the third made. He has been a fan of Immas ever since he found out about ImmaVegeta a few months before more Immas were made. he was inspired mainly by ImmaKrillin, ImmaKai1, ImmaSeru and ImmaGinyu. He enjoys many different Anime, his favorite is Dragon Ball (I was going to make a DBZ Imma but there were so many I would have ended up with something like ImmaGuldo or ImmaPuar). he ended up deciding between a Naruto or Bleach Imma. He made a Bleach Imma because he couldn't find any others and he thought it would be great to start something new.
290px-Kenpachi Zaraki

ImmaKenpachi's Profile Picture

Early Imma ExperienceEdit

When ImmaKenpachi became an Imma he knew that he wouldn't simply get subscribers just for uploading. He had to get other Immas to know about him then the subscribers of those Immas would find out about him so he started leaving comments on videos of Many Immas. 15 Immas have shown that they acknowlodge him. (ImmaOddWorld, ImmaTobi, ImmaPain, ImmaKakashi, ImmaKaiba ImmaBriefs, ImmaEdwardAlric, ImmaKingPiccolo, ImmaUryu, ImmaRukia, ImmaAce1, ImmaFranky1, ImmaSilverHedgehog and ImmaNatsuDragneel.) 13 Immas are subscribed to him, 4 of which are major Immas.

Character Description (Via Bleach Wiki)Edit

Kenpachi Zaraki (Zaraki Kenpachi) is the Captain of the 11th squad in the Gotei 13. He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold that position. His Lieutenant is Yachiru Kusajishi.


He is a relaxed sometimes lazy person (I'm like Shikamaru from Naruto) but sometimes has anger issues. he can be hyper and Excited sometimes. he has a good sense of humor and can take a joke unless it is extremely offensive. A lot of people he knows say he is a good friend.

Other Random InformationEdit

I upload every other week, so i go one week without uploading anything then I upload as much as possible the next week.

I think I'm the only Mexican Imma correct me if I'm wrong..

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