ImmaKirbeh, after eating lighting.

ImmaKirbeh is an Imma of the titular Kirby from Hoshi no Kaabii/Kirby Right Back At Ya anime. While primarily an Imma for Kirby, he also uploads clips of the other characters from the show (because he is the sole Kirby Imma :( ) and of DBZ characters (to get street cred with the DBZ Immas).

From Humble BeginningsEdit

Bored on June 21, 2011, some random high school kid just on Summer vacation made an account for one of his favorite video game series, Kirby. Because of his intense dislike of the 4Kids dub, ImmaKirbeh mostly sticks to uploading clips of the Japanese version. Even stranger, he's only uploaded like 2 clips involving stuff from the games. What kind of Kirby fan is this guy anyways?


Unfortunately for the sucker behind the account, the most popular Imma accounts are Dragon Ball Z accounts. Because of this, many of his videos involve Dragon Ball Z in some form, and at least two are stabs at ImmaKrillin. Ever hopeful, he leaves comment on the more popular Imma's videos and sometimes makes video responses. His most viewed video is Doctor ReDead, because he made it a video response to one of ImmaSeru videos.

The man behind the ImmaEdit

Nobody knows who this youtuber originally was (though rumor has it the account was named after two Pokemon). He believe in self-deprication as a source of humor (as the numerous stabs at himself in the article shows), but doesn't believe in self-humiliation. Tends to rely on parenthesis a bit too much (this is the third one in this paragraph alone).

Is a fan of Kirby and Nintendo in general. Was raised on a mixture of Godzilla and Dragon Ball Z, so he is all too familiar with unintentionally funny dubs. He spends the majority of his time on the internet, and is a bit of a perfectionist (for reference: spent a lot of time just trying to make this article look decent). Has an artistic side, and enjoys learning about things. Is very lazy, which may explain why his uploads took a nosedive in October.

Oh, and he's single, ladies. ;)


  • Has an alternate Youtube account, but he stopped signing into it and started using this as his regular Youtube account for things like favoriting videos.
  • Was a Queen fan for many years without even realising he was or that they sang many of the songs he enjoys.
  • Actually likes King Dedede more than Kirby.
  • Occasionally uses ImmaKirbeh as a testing ground for animating, image editing, video editing, and audio editing.
  • Likes Waluigi.
  • Is very new to making a wiki page, so he was confused as hell when trying to make this page. :(

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