ImmaRena1 is a new Imma on the block. Her username is like that because ImmaRena was taken but the person who has it apparently doesn't use their account.

Who the heck is Rena?Edit

Ryūgū Rena is a character in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series and the protagonist of Tsumihoroboshi-hen. She is arguably the most well-known character of the entire series, despite the fact that she is not the main character, as she appears on much of Higurashi's official art and even serves as something of a mascot for 07th Expansion.

[View her article on Higruashi Wiki for more.]

Le creationEdit

Higurashi26 rena laugh


ImmaRena1 was created by YouTube User Vocamon, a 3D Animator, because she was bored and wanted to make an Imma thanks to inspiration from ImmaNappa and ImmaVegeta. She was going to make an Imma for 18 but it already existed so she had a rage session. But then she remembered Higurashi No Naku Kokoro Ni, that psychopath anime that creeps people out, and made Rena Ryugu.


ImmaRena1 is still a noob Imma so she doesn't really have any subscribers and viewers, blah blah blah. But her most popular video currently is Keiichi Gets a Boner, with 48 views... ugh.


Weird stuffEdit

  • ImmaRena1's videos usually contain blood and gore, but she's currently trying to fix tha
  • ImmaKrillin got his account back on ImmaRena1's actual human birthday, October 21,
  • ImmaRena1's videos are mostly in Japanese because clips of the dub are hard to find, plus she doesn't want to use fandubs.

thumb|500px|left|Owning your ass since 2011.

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