About HimEdit

ImmaSSJVegetto created in 15.07.2013 by the user Son Goku.His old acc was hacked by his brother :/.He wanted a new beginning.Then he saw the videos of SuperVegitoSSJ2.Inspried by SuperVegit

Super Vegetto

This is the icon for ImmaSSJVegetto

oSSJ2 he created ImmaSSJVegetto.(I didnt inspried Vegito name.He was my favorite DBZ character.)He wanted a bright future for his account.At old account he was uploading scenes from DBZ,games about DBZ and some amateur sprite videos.

Son Goku orginally created as 98spidey(i was a kid :/)at 4.8.2006.He learned how to mod DBZ Budokai 3 by veku786 and uploaded some videos about modding.His first modding video was SSJ Vegito using Warp Kamehameha.He was a great character editor at ZEQ2(Dragon Ball Game)He created his character easliy in 2 hours.He even added SSJ2. 

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