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ImmaSailorV enjoys both Sailor Moon and Dragonball.


ImmaSailorV is an imma account that was started on February 15, 2012. It's dedicated to Sailor Venus and the rest of the inner senshi of the Sailor Moon series.

About the CharacterEdit

Minako Aino is the main character in the manga "Codename: Sailor V" which later became a prototype for the series "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon". It is for this reason Minako's and Usagi's (main character of sailor moon) personalities overlap in many aspects. Minako is depicted as athletic, cheerful, romantic, and clever. Throughout these positive traits however, she still at times acts goofy, boy-crazy, over-ambitious, irrational, and over-confident. Since she had been awaken as a sailor soldier prior to the other sailor senshi, she has more fighting experience than them. Her powers include love, beauty, light, and gold. She is considered the soldier of love and beauty.

Why ImmaSailorV was createdEdit

Mayonaka96 first started uploading crappy amvs for sailor moon sometime in the year 2011(or was it late 2010?). (She was hoping that people would enjoy the music more than the actual ameteur-made amvs.) During this time she started watching DBZA and videos from dbz immas. The first Imma she watched was Immavegeta. The more she watched his videos, the more she noticed how many different immas there were. She was surprised to realize that there were no sailor moon immas, and wanted to start one but was hesitant to. Suddenly, in early January 2012, Toei animation sent copyright strikes to her videos (yes, Toei hates amvs too) and terminated her account in about three weeks. After this, she decided to create another non-imma account, and eventually about a month later an imma account for sailor moon. She chose the account to be for Sailor Venus because she is the first original senshi, and she had just finished reading her mangas about a week or two ago.

About the UserEdit

The user prefers to be secretive, but is very nice and kind. She has a lot of free time on her hands, so she has no problem with uploading videos frequently. Since she just joined the imma community on Feb. 15th, she is still getting use to being an imma. She also has three other imma accounts, ImmaSailorMars, ImmaSailorVenus, and ImmaSailorMercury. (Somebody better make an ImmaSailorJupiter soon...)