Description Edit

ImmaShina1 is based off of Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo character, Shina (or Shaina in the direct Japanese translation). Shina is a female Hair Hunter from one hundred years ago, she can transform her hair into a spider and shoots strings from her fingers and manipulate them like the webs of a spider. Hair Hunters (毛狩り隊, Kegarin Kumi) are the foot soldiers of the Maruhage Empire. Not much is known about the character, considering she only appeared in 3 manga chapters and 2 episodes. ImmaShina1 is known for her collaboration with ImmaKai1 on a fan manga project involving Shina.

Fan Manga Edit

ImmaShina1 is currently working on a project with ImmaKai1 on a fan manga of Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo with the storyline focusing mainly on Shina and her boyfriend, Sukensan Mamoru. The manga will have fully developed chapters, title pages, and even author notes and cast of characters. A due date for the first chapter has not been set yet, but numerous sketches, pages, and storyboard pieces have been made.

Appearances Edit

Shina has appeared in 3 Bo Bo Bo Bo Bobo manga chapters: Chapters 16, 17, and 18 of the Shonen Jump edition. Shina also appeared in the anime in episodes 52 and 53.

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