ImmaTFSCell is an Imma on YouTube that was created July 14th, 2012.


He started and hosted the ImmaCellGames, a Imma-version of the Dragon Ball Z's Cell Games Tournament. It would be a extended version of the regular "ImmaReactionWar" that two Immas would sometimes have with each other. Except ImmaTFSCell would pair one opponent up against another and they would begin a small reaction war to determine who would move on to the next round. In the beginning, these games consisted of mostly TFS Immas like ImmaGokuTFS, ImmaTFSWolfFangFist, ImmaTFSFreezer and lmmaTFSPiccolo. It had some unknown Immas in it as well, like ImmaDeadpool1 and ImmaCaptainGinyu, which after a while weren't as unknown. The thought to be dead FutureImmas (Futurama Immas) also participated, like ImmaFry and ImmaZoidberg. Soon, the games grew more and more popular. ImmaFreezer and SuperVegitoSSJ2 joined in as well. Now, the games have reached the final round, and the remaining contenders are ImmaDeadpool1 (HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!?!), ImmaGokuTFS and ImmaFreezer.