Eating goku

ImmaGokuTFS (formely ImmaTFSGoku) is a long fan of Dragon Ball Z and his childhood TV show was soon brought back to life when the team of TeamFourStar woke the childhood spark in him again.

He acts like the leader of the ImmaTFS community maybe to do with the fact he is their most subscribed member with over 600 subscribers to his name, he helps his fellow ImmaTFS members to the best of his ability and even attempted to help ImmaTFSKrillin with difficulties with his AVI convertor problem.

He is also a partner to the channel DragonBallDubs where he supplies Kai footage and occasional Funimation footage to the founding member of the channel.

Much to the idea of many Immas he is not the founding member of the ImmaTFS channels and his idea to make the channel came from ImmaTFSVegeta ater stumbling upon his videos.

ImmaTFSGoku is a chill, relaxed guy and treats the ImmaTFS community like family welcoming members such as ImmaTFSKrillin and ImmaTFSgohan with welcome arms.

ImmaGokuTFS is his backup channel and is now used as a main channel where Dub Comparisons will continue after his first channel ImmaTFSGoku was terminated by YouTube.