My current profile picture.

"Making a wikia page about yourself sounds like a ridiculously narcassistic thing to do...



Hellohellohello, everyone! Joker here! Oh! Oh please, ahaha, hold your applause! ...Wait, what am I saying? Applaud! NOW! Emperor Joker has arrived! And he's gonna put a SMILE on everybody's face! AHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


The account was created on September 25th, 2011, by... THE JOKER! Ahahah- wait, what's that? You doubt that the Joker is actually running this account?! WHYYYYYY I OUGHTA!!! I'mma warning ya, bub, the last guy who doubted that had his head chopped off and stuck inside his daughter's dollhouse! Ahahaha, playtime was pretty damned surprising that day!

Early DaysEdit

I'm still going through my early days right now, to tell ya the absolute truth, but I'm already having tons of fun, uploading videos from which I have a PLETHORA of footage stacked up! Ooohoohoo, lemme tell ya... I got video games, cartoons, movies, the 1960's live action series, Robot Chicken bits and even ItsJustSomeRandomGuy clips! I may NEVER run out of hilarious highlights!

Heck, even making comments with this account is fun! Crack a bad pun, point out that the video needs moar explosive jack-in-the-box action, laugh my ass off, pick it back up off the floor, and LAUGH IT OFF AGAIN! Uuhuhuhahahahahahoohohohohohoo! Not to mention trollin' the ever-loving SOUL out of ImmaEdwardAlric - which is actually quite ironic, considering he himself is about as TALL as your average troll! EhehehehahaHAAA!

So yes, this should make for quite the amusing little run, and I invite every single one of you to come along on the ride with me! Please, be my guest! Come right into my hahahacienda! And if you don't want to... well... I bet a quick spray of the happy gas will change your tune right quick...

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