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ImmaTobi is an Imma account created by JRREMAKE on August 19, 2011. He is known for being the second most subscribed Naruto Imma.


Tobi is a character from the anime Naruto: Shipudden. He wears a mask and nobody knows his true identity. The only part of his face u can see is his right eye. ImmaTobi really like this character, and since there wasn't an ImmaTobi around, he decided to make one.


On August 19, 2011, a youtuber called JRREMAKE was browsing through videos and he found out about Immas. Since he thought it would be fun, he made an Imma account called immaTobi. He uploaded a bunch of clips on the first few days as an Imma and continued to do so. But eventrully he started to run out of clips due to the anime still going on. So he decided to upload clips from other shows and do reaction videos. After a while he started to get some subscribers. His friends are ImmaOrochimaru, ImmaKiba1, ImmaNarutoManga, ImmaJimmyKudo, etc. But he is really friendly and is friends with almost anyone. So far immaTobi is the second most subscribed Naruto Imma, and will still upload videos to this day foward.


ImmaTobi first met ImmaKiba1 on November 29, 2011, the first day he made his account. He commented on ImmaKiba1's very first video, called Introducing Kiba and Akamaru. He always comments on his videos, and ImmaKiba1 does the same. They are both subscribed to one another, and are good friends. ImmaKiba1 even made this wiki page for him. They will continue to be friends for a long time to come.

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