ImmaVegeta is the most subscribed Imma on Youtube.


ImmaVegeta's Youtube icon

ImmaVegeta joined in November 2008. With his first video . it's me VEGETA!. After just 2 weeks Vegeta acheived 100 subscribers. Then in just 1 month he acheived 300 subscribers. In the 3rd month ImmaVegeta saw that one of his videos said " You may have content owned by other people" ImmaVegeta took caution and deleted the video. On January 12, 2009 ImmaVegeta obtained 1,000 subscribers. Then on April 27, 2011 ImmaVegeta recieved his first strike. He was one of the most subscribed Immas, reaching over 12,000 subscribers before he got suspended.

On 2/28/12, he got his channel back.


On Febraury 20,2012 ImmaVegeta was suspended due to a 3rd strike by TOEI Animation. This caused huge comotion across the Imma community. Lots of people made reaction videos such as ImmaFutureTrunks, ImmaGTOmega, ElonginatedVowels, ImmaSailorV, ImmaShina1, ImmaKidGohan1, VegetaX9001, IMMAELVIN, ImmaTeenGohanSSJ2, ImmaTFSVegeta, ImmaGinyu, ImmaSuperVegeta( ImmaVegeta's alternate account) and ImmaDBZGames.



ImmaVegeta today.

On 2/28/2012 ImmaVegetas third strike got removed, thus his channel got un-suspended. He then came back with a video titled Maybe I didn't come back to lifeand told BurningAegis how he took off the strikes and still battles Toei to this day.

Death (again) Edit

Right now there are rumors spreading that the creator of immavegeta has died IRL



ImmaVegeta uploaded a video on April 8th, which confirms that he's still active.

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