Current avatar as of October 8th, 2011

"Well that's okay, I have a habit of manipulating things from behind the scenes anyway." -ImmaWesker

ImmaWesker is an Imma based on Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series. He was created by Ripoffman2009.

He has passed the 100 subscribers mark currently. He uploads often, having uploaded 106 videos in less than two months.

Early historyEdit


A clip from ImmaWesker's first video, Christhisway.

"Random clips of Wesker (Now with FANART!)" - Current channel description

Imma was created on August 29th, 2011 by user Ripoffman2009, after losing access to said account. He had intended to make the account months prior, but he never did. The first video he submitted was Christhisway.

For the first week of his existence, ImmaWesker submitted clips from Resident Evil for the Nintendo Gamecube. ImmaWesker regained access to Ripoffman2009, and his other account, Forkinggenius9001, and subsequently closed them.

Major Imma's such as ImmaKrillin, ImmaKaiba, and SuperVegitoSSJ2 subscribed to ImmaWesker.


ImmaWesker has picked up on several Imma trends.

He has submitted several Custom Themes videos, a trend started by SuperVegitoSSJ2. He has also made several Reaction videos.

ImmaKrillin's SuspensionEdit


The video "My Reaction to ImmaKrillin Being Suspended" protests Toei Animation for banning him

When ImmaKrillin was suspended due to copyright issues, ImmaWesker began protesting YouTube and Toei Animation. His video, My Reaction to ImmaKrillin Being Suspended, supports this.

ImmaKrillin has commented on several other Immas' reaction videos complaining ImmaKrillin should not have been blockled and that his videos were under fair use.

ImmaWesker had made four submissions for ImmaKrillin's Imma Collab 4, which would have been the first Imma Collab to feature ImmaWesker. However, due to ImmaKrillin being suspended, the Imma Collab is currently canceled.

Other AccountsEdit

ImmaWesker has created several accounts on YouTube, but the majority of them have been has closed.


ImmaWesker's first account. He has terminated it in favor of Ripoffman2009.


ImmaWesker's second account. It was his main account. However, he lost access to it, and after regaining access to it,he closed the account.


An account created to manage clips containing S.T.A.R.S. (Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers etc.) that ImmaWesker had for less than a month before closing it. It had seven subscribers at the date of it's termination.


ImmaWesker's current alternate account. It handles clips containing the Mario Brothers. However, ImmaWesker very rarely ever uploads to it, and the account is considered abandoned.


  • ImmaWesker considers himself a friendly rival of ImmaTheJoker, ImmaBritannian, and IMMAEDEDDANDEDDY.

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