Oh Tom

Sometime in July, I was looking at dbz videos because of my interest in the series again due to Kai. Came across constant Vegeta videos to then realiza it was the same uploader named ImmaVegeta.

ImmaVegeta was the only Imma i knew until September when i found a whole bunch of others.

The StartEdit

Seeing that all dbz characters were taken, I chose The Boondocks since i just got the dvd's a month earlier it wasn't taken.

Enjoying being an Imma, uploading short clips and meeting other Immas was pretty fun.

WMV ShenanigansEdit

Unfortunatley at the beginning I was saving all my Boondockc clips in 4:3 aspect

Realizing Windows Live Movie Maker's full potential I then saved clips in 16:9

So i had to delete 90% of my clips due to my idiocracy

Boondocks OSTEdit

Because the people produsing The Boondocks won't release the OST, lmmaBoondocks has been ripping the audio from Sony Vegas to get the background music

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