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SuperVegitoSSJ2 is a semi-Imma YouTube account created in March 12th 2009 by the user Songojames. SuperVegitoSSJ2 was originally created as Songojames's backup account, until unfortunately Songojames got suspended in the same year due to copyright. Since then, SuperVegitoSSJ2 served as Songojames's main account.

Songojames was the original account of SuperVegitoSSJ2 created in 2006. No videos were uploaded in that account until 2008. The style of videos uploaded by Songojames slightly differ to those of SuperVegitoSSJ2. Instead of short clips, Songojames tended to upload full fights from DBZ as well as AMVs which ultimately brought to his downfall. Songojames didn't particularly stand out from the crowd in terms of videos, but his subscribers and video views made up for it. Songojames achieved 998 subscribers, 60,000+ channel views and 100,000+ views on multiple videos before getting suspended.

The Rise of SuperVegitoSSJ2Edit


This is the Icon for SuperVegitoSSJ2

The loss of Songojames was tragic for SuperVegitoSSJ2. All the effort exerted into that account was gone. He had to manage with his backup account and accept it as his main. This was far from easy for the brave YouTuber due to this account having no videos, 10 subscribers and little channel views at the time. His determination was at it's bare minimum until he stumbled across is a website that allows anyone to download YouTube videos for free and with little hassle. Seeing this helped SuperVegitoSSJ2 reflect on how much he enjoyed uploading videos in his previous YouTube account. His determination skyrocketed and resulted to him deciding to upload videos again in November 20th 2010.

SuperVegitoSSJ2 was of course, like most Immas, influenced by the popular ImmaVegeta. This is shown by SuperVegitoSSJ's style of uploading videos. Instead of full fights he uploaded short clips and quotes from various DBZ characters. He also tried mixing his video collection by uploading a few non-DBZ related videos such as "Lets play a little game" and "I shot youuu" as well as Custom Themes.

SuperVegitoSSJ2 is now shaping up to top his Songojames account in terms of popularity. With 900 subcribers and still rising.


  • SuperVegitoSSJ2 is one of two Semi-Immas, The other being ElongatedVowels

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