Snapshot - 79

One of the many screenshots of the battle, involving conversation between the colonel (Whoever uploaded the video) and Raiden (the target of the video, either ImmaBriefs or EV).

The ImmaBriefs and ElongatedVowels War started on November 20th, 2011 and lasted from 3:57 pm to 5:49 pm Eastern Standard Time. The War immediately succeeded the small battle between ImmaSSJ4Gogeta and SuperVegitoSSJ2. It was the largest Imma Video Tennis match in history, spanning a total of 23 videos. It started as ImmaBriefs' reaction to ElongatedVowels' reaction to his subscribers. Eventually, this spawned a chain of reaction videos, in which the word "Reaction" had lost all meaning. In the end, ElongatedVowels' forces were defeated. He uploaded his final video of the day, "I Officially Surrender." announcing his defeat. Although the battle was lost, EV swore he would return, stronger than ever...