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What hath become of my dystopian wiki? Is there no site on the web for people like me?                    

-Captain Buggy        



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Welcome to the Imma Community Wiki! Feel free to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit any existing one. Questions about wiki editing should be directed towards the administrators.

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Recent Activity

  • edit ImmaKai1
    edited by StarmanW diff
    Summary: Undo revision 6080 by Seeyouinhell2 (talk)
    Added photos:
  • edit ImmaKai1
    edited by Seeyouinhell2 diff
  • edit ImmaKai1
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: undid some faggot with a grudge against immakai1's edits. lol what a fag.
    Added photos:
  • discussion page User talk:ImmaKai1
    edited by BH Ouji diff

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  • discussion page Talk:ImmaGTBaby
    edited comment by BH Ouji diff
  • discussion page Talk:ImmaGTBaby
    new comment by BH Ouji
    Comment: Fee Fi Fo Fum, a smell a fear of a tsufu-jin
  • new page ImmaTaoPaiPai
    created by BH Ouji
    New page: ImmaTaoPaiPai - A Youtuber based on the younger brother of crane hermit, has few subs but is a cool...

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  • discussion page Talk:ImmaGero
    new comment by BH Ouji
    Comment: Sup Gero sama, i have made for you components for hell fighter 17 and hell fighter 18, so we could create Super 17 and Super 18 to kill Son Goku,...
  • discussion page Talk:SuperVegitoSSJ2
    new comment by BH Ouji
    Comment: Sup SuperVegitoSSJ2, do you have an DA account or an e-mail we could talk Oh and "Songo" is the name of "Son Goku" in our lector version of DB/Z/GT,...

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